Nu500 is an ideal device to install in vehicles if you are only looking for live tracking to monitor your vehicles. A waterproof and robust design makes this device perfect to install in vehicles also that are exposed to the weather and auxiliary vehicles such as ATVs and quad bikes or on assets such as trailers and fuel tanks. The rechargeable battery makes this device also ideal to track your assets that are normally tethered to a 12 or 24 volt systems but may sit idle for extended periods.



Nu750 device would suit any contractor or operation wanting the option to track, schedule jobs (+maps) wirelessly to their drivers. It's top of the line GPS technology with optional Bluetooth. The internal or external antenna options allows easy and inexpensive installations. Upto 5 section I/O interface captures the details that you are looking for and a 20,000 message buffer ensures nothing is lost, with a back-up battery allows for short-term or last-gasp tracking when disconnected from main power. Distance, speed, area covered, time and weights are all seen in real-time and are captured for reporting. This is the optimum unit for a majority of applications.


NuPoint’s ultimate device allows detailed recording of working data is both expandable and flexible. There is wireless connectivity to vehicle interfaces and a wide number of peripheral interconnections possible. It can be recording working data from spray or mowing sections, field weights from load cells and all of this Nu850 provides all the functionality of the Nu750 with many added features This is a  captured according to the GPS of both the vehicle and the implement section. Furthermore, it can read engine condition and performance data and be set with pre-defined thresholds for condition based reporting. Configuration updates are sent via SMS so you never have to touch it again.

NuTablet & NuMount

NuTablet - this is purely optional, as a smartphone can be used, however this is the most popular option. We source or you purchase an 8 or 10 inch Samsung or Apple tablet, whichever you choose.

It is an interactive tool and solution for drivers to view and receive jobs, job details including farm map, location, work areas and additional instructions and information. The beauty of the tablet is it can be used for multiple uses and staff know how to use this technology. It avoids spending significantly on expensive complex hardware and software products. 


NuMount is an industrial rugged 3 suction cupped Ram Mount which works extremely well in the cab of a vehicle.



NuPoint Online - App 

NuPoint App is easy to use with a press of a button it leaves the driver to get on with the job in hand with no distractions from getting the job done, while job progress, vehicle status, crop yield is available in real-time. When the job is complete the driver can add additional info to the job whether it is a gate entry, broken post or new hazard, which can be stored. 


Operators not only see themselves working but also their co-workers, therefore improving safety and reduces errors.  Your team will have greater confidence in what they are doing and you are reducing any potential risk of error while ensuring HSE compliance. The App continues to run seamlessly for your operators outside cellular coverage to ensure working details you are looking for are never lost.


Installation - A tracking device is installed in the vehicle cab, a ram mount is suctioned cupped to the window to view the tablet, the NuPoint App is downloaded on the tablet to track, schedule and receive jobs (+map) via NuPoint Online.

Optional device - NuWeather 

View real-time weather information at the exact location of your vehicle. Data like air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction that can be critical to a successful job or following the guidelines of governing authorities. Whether you are trying to improve the efficiency for sprayer applications or monitor maximum gust conditions, the AirMar system meets a growing need for real-time site-specific weather conditions. The compact housing is fully waterproof and resistant to chemicals and sunlight. The installation of a weather transducer on the roof of the vehicle and its serial connectivity to a Nu750 or Nu850 is required. This innovative development will change the way you manage weather information in your business.












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