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Improving Visibility, Productivity and Profitability for Agriculture

NuPoint is a cloud-based comprehensive management system and a leading agricultural software provider.

Our goal is to improve Visibility, Productivity and Profitability by using live data gathered from assets, machinery, and staff to identify opportunities for increased efficiency, improve decision-making, and save you money.


Why Choose NuPoint?

Real-Time GPS Tracking: Monitor your fleet’s movements, gaining crucial visibility into operations.

Job Management: Allocate tasks efficiently, enhancing productivity.

Data Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other industry tools to maximize efficiency.

Extensive Reporting: Access comprehensive reports for data-driven decision-making.

Improved Overall Management: Improving visibility, productivity, and profitability through data-driven insights.

Companies using NuPoint


Advanced Analytics and Reporting

For those in the office, let NuPoint save you hours of data entry, spreadsheets and countless bits of paper.

Easily generate comprehensive PDF or CSV reports to send directly to customers or upper management.

Gain valuable insights into machinery performance and staff productivity with working and non working percentages and metrics.

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Industries we specialise in

While NuPoint can be used and applied in any business with vehicles and staff, we excel in the following industries:






Commercial Transport

Fleet Management

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