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Companies using NuPoint

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We have found NuPoint a valuable tool here at Hortus. NuPoint has allowed us to improve efficiencies, communication whilst adding value to our health and safety processes. Our tractors have NuPoint installed and are now installing units in our vehicles. I would not hesitate to recommend or promote NuPoint

Joshua Wilkinson - General Manager

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Babich Wines Limited

I have found the recent NuPoint / Grapelink integration a great “tool in the toolbox.”

Key information entered into Grapelink can now be easily utilized in NuPoint provided better planning, tracking, and documentation of spray applications. I look forward to using the system next season and to ongoing innovations

Tony McIntyre

Marlborough Vineyard Operations Manager


JTC Viticulture

We use NuPoint for tracking and work scheduling. We need to offer tools to our staff that are straightforward and quick to learn. This system has been very easy on our operators.

Its been a really effective way of communicating job instructions and specifications to the operators in the field. They have clarity on exactly where they need to be, and its all communicated in a clear and concise way.

The support has been excellent, these guys are really open and very honest to deal with. Considering how much they are trying to do, they’re quick to adjust or add functionality which has been very good for us. NuPoint is certainly the right platform

Jason Tripe - Managing Director


Seifried Estate

“Lance has been extremely helpful in getting our NuPoint system up and running optimally. He is always happy to field our questions and help with training to be sure our team is using the NuPoint GPS to its full potential. 

Our team have embraced this technology and it is now a vital part of our vineyard operations.”

Heidi Seifried-Houghton - Winemaker


Marigold Farm

“Since first implementing NuPoint into our business back in 2016, we have seen huge benefits in efficiency, planning, and safety. Giving us the ability of live tracking, scheduling, and management of jobs along with producing reports on everything from operators to equipment to different products and fields; this information quickly provided us with the knowledge of where we could improve.

We were also lucky enough to work with NuPoint and Vine Tech Equipment to help achieve some of the final steps with the new Quantum Fusion controller. The information produced by NuPoint via the integration with the fusion is without a doubt a huge step forward for the industry. Not only have we grown our business with the benefits of NuPoint, but we have also seen Lance and the team at NuPoint grow their business rapidly to accommodate our needs as the viticulture industry grows and adapts to new technology available.

With staff finding the app very intuitive to use on either their smartphones or tablets, it keeps things very simple and has provided us with an affordable product with inexpensive hardware that does it all and more without cluttering cabs with over-sized and over-priced hardware.

We look forward to working with NuPoint and taking advantage of all of the great features they have to offer for many years to come, and I would 100% encourage others to do the same.”

Dale Woods - Operations Manager


McArthur Ridge Vineyard

McArthur Ridge Vineyard based in Alexandra has been using NuPoint successfully for the past three seasons, this year we used the new Grapelink integration. The integration has been extremely easy to use both for myself responsible for spray planning and uploading and also the operators in the field using the integration of the loaded jobs with their Croplands controllers.

I found that we have now cut out several steps out of the process of spray diaries, also we have the operator's controllers sending real-time information back to NuPoint/ Grapelink with less room for error and huge savings in time.

I would encourage anyone thinking about this integration to go for it!"

Murray Petrie - Vineyard Manager

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Pernod Ricard

NuPoint has been a great addition to our business. We have the ability to communicate remotely with our operators via tablets and integrating NuPoint with our systems has been successful in many ways. The software connects directly with Grapelink which has reduced our paperwork burden and also provides us with a greater level of data capture to reference.

We are increasingly finding new ways to utilise NuPoint and appreciate having the ability to connect with the local NuPoint team to discuss our queries."

Claire Pinker - Viticulturalist


Sheridan Contracting

"We currently have NuPoint installed in 19 of our vehicles. We wanted an android based system rather than a set-unit to go in each machine, and the reason for that was cost. Workers already have smartphones or tablets, so we utilise what they already had.

Job dispatch is fantastic - it’s what we use a lot. Drivers receive the job and farm map on their tablets via the NuPoint App with any instructions of work to be carried out. Knowing that the correct job and the correct farm block is being done gives us peace of mind. Operators are basically self-managed, our drivers love the technology and have embraced it with ease.

Tracking machinery, live tracking is a huge plus. Having visibility online of where exactly the harvesters and operators improve the safety of our operation. It’s certainly good when charging per kilometre or per metre - like harvesting down rows and so on. When spraying we now offer an actual job sheet to the grower, it shows all the rows we’ve been down (shaded in), so they know exactly what’s been sprayed."

I would without a doubt recommend the NuPoint system."

Craig Sheridan - Director


Coles Contracting

"We have working with Lance and the team since 2016, our complete fleet of tractors and harvesters are fitted with NuPoint.

Year round the NuPoint system allows us to more accurately plan, forecast and report on machine and staff efficiencies, in particular the task scheduling, mapping and GPS functionalities are utilised daily. The real-time GPS tracking of machines reduces the need to check in with operators on site and is essential for planning and health and safety when staff are working outside of local cell reception.

The NuPoint system really comes into its own for us during the annual grape harvest though, when our staff numbers quadruple, between staff, growers and wineries, transparency and communication of the 24 hour processing is vital and NuPoint is allowing us to deliver live, accurate information.

Lance and the NuPoint team are readily accessible, they’re out on the coal-face listening to the industries and client's greatest needs and continuing to innovate and adapt accordingly."

Grant Coles - Managing Director


Saint Clair Family Estate

"I was looking for a new mapping program to keep up to date company and contract grower vineyard details. I was introduced to NuPoint. 

The system is flexible, adaptable and easy to learn, fulfilling the majority of our needs off the bat.
Where feedback and suggestions were solicited (both pre and post-harvest), Lance and team have been proactive in implementing these suggestions with a rapid evolution in the software to date and more to come.

Initially considered a secondary feature (by myself) was the real time scheduling of jobs to operators and/or machines. I quickly realised the potential of this part of the system and herein lies the power and ongoing future of NuPoint with us."

Hamish Clark - Senior Winemaker