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Our Story

Where it all began

Believe it or not, it all started over a glass of wine! In 2015, after an enjoyable game of footy with close friends, we got talking about a gap in the viticulture & horticulture market - in that there was no there was no specific solution to manage jobs and provide proof of jobs completed. Ideas flourished, and NuPoint was born among founder Lance Nutall and some friends who came on board as shareholders. It was common practice to use standard broadacre solutions and try to ‘make it fit’ but this often failed, due to the complexity and inability to adjust to meet particular requirements of the industry. These solutions were also expensive to the point that it was not viable to implement across entire businesses, therefore only giving part of the ‘picture’. That gave Lance the initial idea to create a system that was simple to use as well as being cost-effective.

Over the span of seven years, NuPoint has evolved into the preeminent provider of GPS solutions for viticulture and horticulture in New Zealand. Our influence has expanded internationally, with recognition in Australia and the USA. NuPoint has also proven it can adapt to any industry such as Agriculture, Fleet Management, Forestry and Utilities

A Partnership of Growth

We owe much of our success to the invaluable feedback from industry experts—our cherished customers. Their insights have been instrumental in shaping NuPoint into the user-friendly powerhouse it is today. We remain dedicated to nurturing this feedback loop to fuel our continuous improvement and development.

At NuPoint, we recognize the crucial role that growers play in the viticulture and agricultural landscape. We understand the need for precise, real-time data capture and reporting, which form the bedrock of informed decision-making. NuPoint has been meticulously crafted with growers, for growers.